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Travel Safety

People Don’t Take, Trips Take People
Our Safety Features

We’re doing more to make your travel safer

Our first priority is always to protect the health and safety of our clients and local teams, and to ensure that you feel confident about your well-being – from the moment you book until you’re safely home.
  • Risk-free booking with full flexibility around your plans up to 30 days before departure
  • We arrange your in-destination COVID-19 testing for your return flight to the South East Asia
  • We’ve implemented stringent health and safety protocols for your travel experience

Protect your life

We're here for look even you from start to finish.

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Protect Staffs

Totem Holidays is monitoring the well-being of our guides and drivers, and we have mandated regular temperature checks to help ensure they are healthy. They will wear gloves and masks and maintain appropriate social distancing during their time with you. We will also ensure that you have access to hand sanitizer and masks.

Away from crowd

In addition to providing our private-guided experiences, Totem Holidays will use an “away from the crowds” approach for entering any attractions and sites. By focusing on off-peak access, we will enable our clients to enjoy key sites and attractions with comfort and ease.

Enhanced Flexibility

With your Destination Expert, you have the flexibility to make itinerary changes up to seven days prior to departure. And while you’re traveling, our guides can always make changes on the fly to ensure that sightseeing and activities are delivered with your safety, comfort and preferred pace in mind.

Sanitized Vehicles

Totem Holiday's private vehicles are thoroughly sanitized prior to each tour and transfer. We’re committed to ensuring that each vehicle will be stocked with gloves, hand sanitizer and face masks.

Vetted Hotels

Beyond our always careful selection of hotel partners, we are committed to delivering our guests only to properties that have rolled out a comprehensive, elevated standard for cleaning rooms and operating their dining spaces, common areas and administrative services.

Unbeatable 24/7 Support

Rest assured that wherever you’re planning your trip, your Destination Expert is up to date on the situation on the ground. And during your journey, Totem Holdiays staff are always available around the clock. They can make changes, answer questions or provide in-the-moment support should you ever require it.

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Why Us?

Best Safety & In-Destination Support

We believe in best safety and in-destination customer support as we care about our customers.

Risk-free booking guarantee

Book a trip before August 31, 2022 for travel with Alpinepremiumtours in 2022 without worry, because you can change your mind, for any reason, right up to thirty days before departure. Starting today, when you book before August 31, 2022, you have the flexibility of knowing that, for any reason, you may postpone your trip or cancel it for a 100% future travel credit. Your travel investment is always fully protected. No strings attached. So, you have real peace of mind. See below for more details.

In-destination PCR testing managed for you

We now arrange for in-destination COVID-19 testing for all our clients, to help you meet current government requirements for a completed negative test before boarding for your return to the U.S. or Canada. And for itineraries that include two or more countries that may require a negative test to enter, we’ve also got you covered. Talk to your Destination Expert for more details.

Ready to travel with real adventure and enjoy natural