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Top 5 Best Hotels in Bangkok

Where you choose to stay in Bangkok will be one of the most important decisions for your Thailand trip!

The first time I went to Thailand I stayed in an awful hostel. My trip was off to a bad start, I didn’t meet any other travelers and felt pretty shitty until I finally got to Chiang Mai.

But I’ve also had some of my most memorable travel moments in Bangkok thanks to some amazing hostels I stayed since.

If you’re going backpacking in Thailand then your hostel in Bangkok will be a big factor in how you will kick off your adventure.

Why book now? You can try to wing it as a backpacker in Thailand, but the best hostels do fill up. With Hostelworld you can reserve a spot without cancellation fees, so it’s worth it even if your plans are still flexible.

I’ll be honest, not everyone loves Bangkok at first sight, as it certainly can be noisy, smelly, and chaotic. But that’s far less of an issue when your hostel is like a happy oasis, letting you catch a break between all the sightseeing. Luckily, Bangkok has some of the world’s best (and best value!) backpacker hostels.

While hotels in Bangkok can give you more comfort, you can’t beat hostels for their price or fun atmosphere.

The following 5 hostels in Bangkok are ones I recommend, whether you are a backpacker, solo traveler, or nomad.

Suneta Hostel Khaosan

  • Close to the crazy backpacker district of Khao San
  • Cozy, friendly space with clean, high-quality facilities
  • Pet guinea pigs!

This is my personal favorite in central Bangkok. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the legendary Khao San Road, but it’s far enough not to be bothered by any of the traffic or party noise emanating from Bangkok’s main backpacker and entertainment street.

This nice medium-size boutique hostel has wide capsule-style beds with curtains. The washing rooms and amenities are essentially of hotel quality while offering the charm of a hostel.

With its large beds and private capsules, I think Suneta Hostel is perfect for getting through your jetlag while still being close to the action of Khao San.

The common room serves free breakfast and is very homely, with two resident guinea pigs oinking around while I stayed there.

The Yard Hostel

  • Chilled out vibe with garden courtyard
  • In a more local, non-touristy part of Bangkok

The vibe at the Yard is great. It has a wonderfully peaceful courtyard that will make you almost forget you are in Bangkok — squint your eyes and you might think you’re in a garden in Chiang Mai.

The Yard lets you (temporarily) escape the madness that is Bangkok!

The Yard Hostel is in the Aree neighborhood, a hip under-the-radar part of town that’s popular with expats and nomads, with many bars and a non-touristy food market nearby.

Not to toot my own horn here, but I may have actually had something to do with putting this hostel on the map.

I stayed at the Yard a few years ago just after it opened. Recognizing its amazing potential, I recommended it on my blog. Since then it’s become of the highest-rated hostels in Bangkok. Given its passionate owners, I’m not surprised.

The only downside is you have to travel by metro for 20 minutes or so to get to the center, but I think it’s worth it if you’re into the garden setting.

Revolution Hostel Bangkok

  • The most strategic location! (next to two metro lines)
  • Social and lively, great for solo travelers

While many backpackers stay mostly in Khao San area, it actually isn’t the best base for exploring Bangkok.

The Khao San area is not connected to the metro system at all, so you always have to take taxis or tuk-tuks in and out of this neighborhood. A better location is somewhere very central, like Revolution Hostel in Asoke.

It’s close to the two key metro lines of Bangkok, letting you get around quickly and easily. It’s also within walking distance of Terminal 21 Food Court. And with a rooftop lounge/cafe/bar, it has great atmosphere too.

Need to do some work? You’ll find lots of power outlets and work spaces at this hostel.

Our Secret Base

  • In Chinatown, Bangkok’s traditional area brimming with street life
  • Homely hostel with hospitable hosts

This hostel is in Chinatown, which is one of my favorite areas of Bangkok to explore. There you can get lost in seemingly neverending alleyways filled with sellers and artisans doing their thing. You can find some of the best street food in Bangkok in this area too!

Out Secret Base is known for its super hospitable hosts and its convenient location, which is just a 5-minute walk from Bangkok’s main train station. (It connects to the airport as well as onwards to Chiang Mai). The hostel has comfy pod-style beds and the AC will help you beat the heat.

Jam Hostel Bangkok

  • Close to Khao San, with social/party vibe on the rooftop
  • Loads of activities make this perfect for solo travelers

This hostel is just a 5 minutes’ walk from the many LED lights and wild nightly entertainment of Khao San Road, yet located in a quiet spot along the river.

This clean and organized hostel is all about creating an amazing atmosphere, with many shared activities and excursions throughout the week (including meditation in Wat Arun, wakeboarding, and secret rooftop crawls). Thanks to its lively atmosphere, this is the perfect hostel for solo travelers. Jam Hostel has both dorms and private rooms.

P.S. Don’t miss my in-depth guide to backpacking in Thailand!

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